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Tipped off by his father about an incredible story surrounding two relative strangers embarking on a medical miracle in the form of a living kidney transplant, filmmaker Jake Burke set out to document and capture what truly makes this act so incredible. In 2013 Peter Kite is gearing up for third living donor kidney transplant and thirty-first major operation to take place at Johns Hopkins Hospital under the knife of one of the nations most pioneering transplant surgeons, Dr. Robert Montgomery. Set to receive a living organ donation from cycling trainer and friend, Kelly Parham, the results of the operation are in the hands of a higher power. The magnitude of this collective effort is challenging to express with few words, however the journey and significance of this miracle is vibrantly displayed in the culmination of this event and the events that follow, captured in Jake’s debut documentary feature Cycle of Life.


Since it’s completion, Cycle of Life is commonly quoted as the filmmaker's most important and most profound works. However it isn’t until a few years later that he and his family will learn just how profound this journey actually is.


In February of 2022, a year after their son Atlas was discharged from a five month battle in the NICU due to complications during pregnancy; Jake's fiancé Annie suffered even more complications during an emergency appendectomy which resulted in a 10 day stay in the ICU and multiple rounds of emergency administered hemodialysis. These series of events, along with a lifelong diagnosis of juvenile type 1 diabetes ultimately culminated in Annie suffering end stage renal failure. 


Today, a year after Annie’s undergone an operation to have a surgically implanted catheter to facilitate daily peritoneal dialysis treatments, she is actively waitlisted for a kidney transplant at Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta or kidney/pancreas transplantation at Emory. Annie’s sister, Sophie has been tested and proved to be a great match as a living kidney donor.  After many rounds of testing, we are eagerly awaiting to learn which path should be navigated for the best interests of our beloved Annie. 


The Cycle of Life documentarian and humble team of family and friends have decided to distribute this moving film for the purpose of donating the proceeds directly to individuals currently seeking support along their kidney transplantation journeys. Currently 100% of the proceeds will be split between two individuals needing support now. Pete Kite and family as well as Annie and hers. 


By donating to Cycle of Life, you’re donating directly to families currently dealing with kidney transplant needs. As those needs are fulfilled, the donations will be directed toward other families in need.


Thank you to all supporters for your help in spreading awareness around the miracle of living organ donation. Together we can save the lives of many.



The Cycle of Life team

Suggested donation: $10.
100% of your donation will help patients and families

coping with the financial strain of a life-saving kidney transplant.
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